Hi, Chandigarh is the closest major railway station which is 265 km away. Private buses are available from Chandigarh which will take you till Aut on Chandigarh to Manali route but in a much longer time as compared to a private cab from Chandigarh to Jibhi. Stay Options at Jibhi This impromptu visit to Jibhi turned into absolute delight when we landed at Jibhi Inn Cottage, a humble 2 bedroom home-stay right in the middle of the village. It is located on the bank of the river and has a beautiful backyard full of apple trees. From the terrace and balcony of the house, one can see the entire valley stretched leisurely. Besides the tranquil surroundings and a splendid view, Jibhi Inn Cottage offers a very comfortable stay along with basic amenities. The rooms are clean, decently furnished, with hot water geyser, a room heater, and very warm beddings – befitting the climate. Our host, Hansraj, and his family were extremely hospitable and took care of everything that we needed. Food Delight Nearby Almost all of the accommodations in Jibhi are run by local families. If you are a food enthusiast, request your hosts to make some of the regional dishes. My fondest memory of Jibhi is staying with our hosts and eating local delicacies with their family. Sitting by the riverside in sub-zero temperature we enjoyed some authentic Himachali dishes prepared by the lady of the house. On our request, she readily agreed to cook Siddu, which is a stuffed bread, native to Himachal and popular in the northern and eastern Himachal region. It tastes best when served with homemade ghee or clarified butter, dal or lentil soup and green chutney. Himachali food, Siddu, Trout and Jungli Chicken Next dish on the platter was the Jungli Chicken or Forest Fowl. Travelers who are not used eating this variety of chicken should consume it in small quantities at first because it gets a little difficult to digest. Thanks to our host who warned us in advance about this. Going to this part of Himachal and not eating Himalayan Trout is sacrilege. A fresh catch was made during the day by an accomplice of our host, which was later cooked to perfection in Himachali style for dinner. Calling it delicious will be an understatement. You have got to experience it to know how heavenly it was. For your info I have also attached a perfect article on Jibhi. Please click on the card to read a Tripoto Traveler's experience. Thanks!