Dont mistake me, 6 days is too long mate, hardly 4 days is sufficient for a traveller to explore pondicherry, but 6 days is worth if you are going with a lot of friends, so think it over, good day !!
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Thanks Tejaswi :)
Hey Abhijit, yes if Mahabalipuram and Tanjavore is in your mind, then you can plan a trip for 6 days, no issues, the connectivity between pondi and these cities are good, so yeah, it would be a smart thing to include all three places in your trip, hope this helps, happy travelling mate !! cheers
Can i cover Mahabalipuram and Thanjavore, is it feasible in that much time?
6 days are too long to visit Pondicherry.... 3 Days are more than enough Apart from Auroville, you can visit Beaches like Rock beach, Paradise Beach, Serenity Beach... Churches.... French Town... Try different french cuisines
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Dude...Plan for 2 -3 days coz 6 days is a waste of money....Go to Picchavaram which is 60 km from Pondicherry.... famous for mangrove trust me it worth goin there..... visit TACA pizza in Pondicherry which also worth and all those famous places that u can find out by urself .... nothing's much there bruhhh
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Apart from Auroville you can explore beaches, French Colonies and church.
Pondicherry is definitely not a place for such a long vacation 😅 Max 3 days.
You can visit my profile and check the blog for Pondi.
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