Hey Arnab, As its an off season i dont think you would need to book a stay for yourself in any of the places in spiti valley ... You can get them easily ... And for your question on access to mud Village after reckong peo ... you can get that conformation in tabo Village which comes before you reach Kaza ... Hope this helps you ... Happy Travelling Bro!!!
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Hello Julley These day Mudh village road is close. Road is open until to Sagnam village. Hope road will open to Mudh until to March month. Tara HomeStay Mudh 08988062293
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For stay, no need to book, you can easily get homestays there in 500-600. In March roads are closed most probably but you can call to any homestays/hotela and get information
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Highly depends on snow , if fresh snow fall then it might get closed for few days else it remains open .kaza - solo yolo home stay , Saurabh +919411239482
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Reckong peo the cheapest option is PWD guest house 5 mins walk left side from bus stand.the only problem you need to really say please please to him
Hi, the only open route available to reach Kaza would be from Kinnaur side, so you have to board the Reckong peo - Kaza bus. There would not be any public transport for Mudh, you will have to either walk or get a private taxi. I have attached with this comment few options for you to stay in Kaza and Reckong Peo
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Thanks a ton for all the vital information .