I've compiled a list of scenic train routes around India. You can check it out here,
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Did few estimations, doing even 3 is tough. I plan to leave from Bangalore on 18 evening, roam around Kollam and Agasthmalayi Peak & Reserve on 19. Stay in Varkala on 19. Leave for Mettupalyam which will take 14 hours approx. Spending a day in Ooty and reaching Bangalore on 22. And I have to be in Mumbai by 21 night or 22 morning. So I can do only two I guess
I will be going to bangalore from Delhi, will start from there.. might have to drop either Rameswaram or Coonoor
To cover it in four days requires a well thought out plan. Where are you starting from?
And thanks a lot
Do you think I can cover 1, 3, 5 & 8 in 4 days?
Route from Banglore to Goa!!
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Hey, In May 2016 I had experienced the toy train route from Ooty to Coonoor and it was simply amazing!! It was indeed picturesque, the route was filled with lush green trees and hills which was a treat to the eyes!
Have you seen Chennai express? You need to visit the Dudhsagar falls train route. You will also love the troy train rides from Ooty to Coonoor and vise-versa and from Siliguri to Ghum.
For scenic train journey you can choose from- Mumbai to Goa Goa to Dudhsagar Ooty to Coonor
I hope you have made your trip. It would be helpful for travellers if you share the travel details: 1.Route 2.Transportation 3.Weather 4.Budget 5.Places to see 6.Tips for travellers etc. Happy travelling.