Hey, You can start from Delhi as you have said ... Hitchhike to Varanasi first ... then you can come back till Agra via Kanpur and Lucknow and then also visit Agra ... Later you can head towards Khajuraho in madhya pradesh... and then you can visit other Places like gwalior, bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. . Then you can head to Maharashtra and visit Aurangabad , Ellora and Ajanta caves and later head towards South India ... in South India the best place to visit in low budget are Hampi, badami, and mysore and Gokarna in karnataka ... Later you can head to Ooty, Kodaikanal, madurai and then to Rameshwaram and Dhanuskodi in tamil nadu and lastly you can end your solo saga in Kanyakumari and head back to delhi ... This entire plan might take around 1 month to complete depending upon your urge on places to stay for long ... Hope I have helped you Bro ... Happy Travelling Bro!!! And for sure you should share your experiences with us here on Tripoto once you are back ....
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Welcome Bro ... enjoy your trip ...
Its very helpful for me thanks a lot for your precious time & surely I'll share my experiences here
Hi Mujot, You can travel to below places : Agra Fatehpur Sikri Varanasi Lucknow Kushinagar Happy Travelling!
Even though Hitch-Hiking is not legalized in India, it is still indeed quite a popular thing in Rural India. For the sheer reason that it is an affordable mode of commutation. Here are my few favorite go-to tips: Do not disclose your belongings. Dress Modestly, don’t flash any accessory. Irrespective of your gender. Always ensure to hint that you shared the details of your hitchhiking host with your acquaintances or friends. Make sure of your route and milestones on the way. Keep someone informed about your trip. Don’t pounce on eating or drinking if offered by your hitchhiking host. Be alert and don’t ignore any danger cues. Good Luck!! Happy Travelling!!
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Thanks Aditya I'll keeo in mind your tips while traveling thank you very much for your help
Hi, as you have already visited most parts of the North India, you can now plan to visit cental and south India. You can start your trip from Delhi and plan to visit these all places- Delhi - Agra - Varanasi - Gwalior - Bhopal - Pune - Mumbai - Goa - Hampi - Ooty - Kerela Hope it helps you and do share your experience on Tripoto.
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Yes it will help and I'll try my best share my experience as well on tripoto