Hey! That's a great Idea. I think i am too young to answer this but i have traveled quite alot. And seeing bikers is quite a nicee sight. I would like to address that it's okay if you don't have your own bike. You can rent them!! And that's amazing! Just Google it or see through your connections in your particular city the various bike rentals company. They ll charge you on certain conditions. But that's okay! And then you can begin your journey. And for journey you can choose from varieties of places.
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Hey !! I would like to advice that you that please don't drop out of college. complete ur studies get a decent job.. have some Savings for urself . after that you can start travelling and blogging. and once you start earning from this profession then you can opt out ... thanks
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Start now and today.. Be active on tripoto.. gain credits and get paid to travel
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We are already using tripoto, you don't have to advertise tripoto in tripoto. Tripoto is very good if you want to read travel blogs but credits and trips, nah
Seriously can we get free trips ? I don't want free trips but I do all want is some fuel budget to my bike to travel for my adventures. ,
You don't need to own a private vehicle to explore places. All you need is the passion to travel. Begin with local transports get experienced and learn more, some day you will be there. Stay on a low budget like staying at hostels, local foods etc.
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Hi bro. This is @iamdeepakdeepu/Instagram . Iam an adventure tourer & biker. Your idea is good. I don't want to disappoint you but if you have the healthy potential you can do ride by your own bike. If you haven't own a bike just enquire about the place and rental system at that specific location. Renting a bike is a good idea but I have seen lot of rental bikers struggle in the mountains with their vehicles due to multiple hand usage . if any queries contact me on Instagram.
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Hey buddy, I would suggest not to quit college. If you are passionate about travel then it will happen one or other day but please take a degree first. You can start traveling to your nearby places first, post your trips on tripto, earn points and get paid to travel. with best wishes!!!
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See passion for travelling is good, but dropping out for that isn't a good idea though. Complete your studies first simultaneously you can ride, travel and do blogging as well.
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Hi, may I know where do you stay in india?
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Right now in vijayawada. 😊