Hi Puja, There will be cold but places are must visit. Happy Travelling!
Yumtang is the coldest places it's a very scenic buety
Yes, if you can bear cold then.
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You must check with the travel agencies in Sikkim whether the roads to Yumthang and all are open or not. As due to heavy snowfall, sometimes the roads get blocked. Please do check and then plan.
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Thank you!!!
I clearly temember that when i went to Lachung in the month of May i expirienced snowfall and that lake was frozen . As of high atlitude of 12000 ft . it becomes difficult to breathe due to low oxygen levels . Hence, it is highly recommendable not to visit the place in the month of January as even the locals come down to lower atitudes during these days. Yet if you want to expirience cold then you should pay a visit in the month of March. Happy Travelling !
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Hey Puja, It will be cold there but you must visit North Sikkim if you are going to Gangtok. I visited there in April 2018. This is my itinerary of Sikkim which would help you : Happy travelling!!!!
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Welcome. Happy travelling!!!
Wohoo...Thats a lot of info! Thanks again & Happy Holidays!
Welcome. Don't miss North Sikkim at any condition. Book a 3D/2N tour from local tour operators at Mall road. Believe me, It is an untouched paradise on earth. On 3rd day you will be back to Gangtok. Then you can go to Pelling.
Thanks Neeraj...Would you suggest to stay in Lachung/Yumthang or should we visit and be back to Gangtok and then from there should go to Pelling..
It will be cold in Lachung and Yumthang but bearable, and I am sure you would not want to miss out on such beautiful gems. must visit.
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Thanks Rahul....It was indeed helpful (Y)