Hi. we recently visited Phuket, Thailand and due to Visa on Arrival fee exemption the queue has gotten longer now a days. Which Airport may I ask? DMK is ok but Suwarnabhumi is more crowded. but don't worry there is express VOA service available if it too crowded. fee is 200 bahts about 450 rs per person.
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Great.. you can check out our trip Itenarary for more details.
Thank you for your response. I was looking for some recent first hand info. it does help. thanks
You will clear immigration in Bangkok only, your flight Bangkok to Phuket will be a domestic sector so no immigration. 90min is very less I supposed. You better contact your airlines transfer facilities staff.. They will forward your applications for quick clearance but that should also be 1 hour atleast. Direct look for Group immigration visa, that queue will be manageable for your Airlines.. Individual visa line will be too long to jump out of turn. Happy holidays ☺️
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1.5 hrs is enough buddy.There is no need to panic and it should be manageable.I can understand the anxiety if this is ur first international trip.You can always request the airlines/airport people to allow u to move forward in the queue if u feel u r going to miss the next flight.
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Animesh, it's certainly not my first trip, I have traveled a bit if not a lot and am aware of immigration process, it's just have read sowny diff and conflicting reviews regarding Thailand immigration, so am skeptical. selfies and shopping can wait till later.
Well if you travel frequently by now u wud have realised u can go through immigration process in 90 mints.Yes its not enough considering u want to get some pics clicked at airport,do some duty free shopping or have something to eat.But if you just want to go through the immigration process,it should
See thats the problem, you are saying it will be enough and another person is saying it won't be. that's what's confusing me.
Hi gaurav, bankok is not much busy at that time but one and half hour is not enough to do anything apart from changing your flights. Happy journey.
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There is nothing that I want to do at the airport, except have sufficient time to clear immigration and get on board to Phuket.
Well due to the exemption of Visa fee the queue these days are quite long (took us nearly 2 hours in queue itself), but there's a substitute to that. You can pay 200 Baht for the shorter queue, it'll take around 20-25 minutes to complete the entire process. Also you may ask the cabin crew in the flight to provide you the Form (those are always available with them) so it may save your some more time and Don't forget to keep your passport size photo handy. Have a safe and joyful journey.
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Thanks, the first hand information helps.
Dont Worry you will be fine. The issue is Indian Aircrafts are parked very far from the immigration area so you gotta work almost 15 minutes to reach there. The people are pretty supportive..If you tell them that you are running late and need to hurry they will immediately take you to the fast track line in which they'll charge 200 Baht more per person. At anytime expect 35-40 minutes of waiting at VOA area
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Thank, appreciate your feedback.
Though chances are that the queue will be less at 6:45am but 90mins is still a risk, because on average it takes 2-3 hours for immigration for Visa on Arrival.