Go to top left options ( from where you get your profile ) and then click on these options menu and there are 8 links available , one is " Ask For Commmunity " . Hope this helps !
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Yeah. Doing the same.
Haha yeah maybe...😁😁 You can write the mail to ask the same thing with them .
Tripoto thinks iPhone users don’t need to get paid and community help 😂
Ok. Maybe android app is better. Hope Tripoto would work on it.
Opps , i think in iOS something change we are getting 2 more options in Android like - Get Paid to Travel and Ask the Community options also.
There are only six options - Home, publish trip, my trips, travel guides, how it works, settings 😒
There is an icon for messages.. In that the 1st is and 2nd is ask the community
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Got it. Thank you 😊
‘Ask the community’ opens in app, but only when the app is opened from safari browser from bookmark of my queries on