Yes der let see how is the background of Bavaria to travel and others.. Do you know that Bavaria is Germany's biggest state by geographic area. In Germany's southeast, it is tucked away. The stunning state of Bavaria is bordered by Austria and the Czech Republic. One of Germany's most alluring tourist locations is Bavaria. This article lists the top 10 Bavarian attractions that every person would like to see. In Bavaria, there are picturesque hills to climb, chilly and attractive lakes, and high summits. Bavaria is home to some of Germany's most picturesque towns. The region as a whole is significant historically. Winds from the Danube pass across its middle. Bavaria is home to several historic castles, opulent palaces, and long-standing customs. Despite the state's age, there are numerous recently constructed locations to visit. A cutting-edge interactive museum and a setting for contemporary art are two among them. Look the attractions in Bavaria Bavaria – Neuschwanstein, Marienplatz and Frauenkirche, Munich, Zugspitze and the Bavarian Alps, Nymphenburg and the Residenz — Munich’s Royal Palaces etc.