When visiting GIR the best thing to enjoy is the First forest. Apart from this the fantastic homestays nearby are the best way to relax in the midst of nature
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All are great there but try to book those which are near the forest
Can you suggest any homestay/tentstay in the forest?
It’s around 8 hours road journey from Ahmedabad to the Gir forest, so leave accordingly. There’s nothing major you need to keep in to do list as the safari guide does it all. But remember charging your phones, cameras and power banks. Can keep a binocular if want to. Happy Traveling, Share your experience when you back :)
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Can you suggest any homestay/tentstay in the forest? Apart from staying in resort, is there any chance to stay in forest?
Book your train early and the one reaching in the morning. usually thngs to enjoy is only safari. so just take necessary thing and charge ur camera , mobile and everythng u may need there.
Ahmedabad to Gir by bus or Cab.
Sasan Gir can be reached only through car or auto as there are no direct trains from Ahmedabad to Gir. Malai is the nearest station you can travel upto and then from there its either auto cab. There is nothing except safari in Gir, you can go for treks around in the buffer zone which are conducted by resorts usually.
It is almost 8 hours from Ahmedabad. Prefer to travel in a car. Major thing is the open safari and other is devalia park. Chances to spot Lions are mostly in the first two early morning slots, but its all luck. Apart from that you can just relax in some resort and enjoy the nature. Good luck to you.
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So no chance of spotting lions in afternoon slot?
I am not saying no chance. You'l see a lot of other wild life. Lions are a real luck. Sometimes you find them on yiur way on the road itself and sometimes not even in any of the safari slots. Don't give up your hopes.
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Thanks :D
Gir is almost 7-8 hours from Ahmedabad. For your safari, keep the original I'd cards that you have mentioned in the permit else they won't allow inside. Report to the gate atleast 30 mins before the actual time. The official will provide you with the route number. You need to pay the Jeep charges and guide fee on the spot which is total Rs 2100. If you are lucky, you will get to see lion. If you couldn't spot the lion, just go to devalia safari park for a 30 mins tour to catch a glimpse of the Asiatic Lion.
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I booked in Gir national park online safari booking where jeep charges and guide fee were included, do i need to pay again?