Hello Anay, You can mail the Tripoto team and tell them about the problem you're facing. I'm sure they'll be happy to help you. :)
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Done that already , Thank you so much. Looking forward to hear from the team :)
I agree. I just deleted two of my photo blogs. No credits means no blogs.
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U won't get credits for photo blogs only for trip sharing
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Photo blog do earn credits...
This is new to me as photoblogs also earn credits as per the guidelines.
Absolutely right, no credit for photo blog, I also deleted one.
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I agree with you.
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You can email them asking about specific blogs where you have not received credit . You can request them that they should share their feedback so that you can write your future blogs accordingly
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Well..I can see some credits on your wall and posting a bunch of pictures can earn you more points than a single picture
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Point Taken and will keep in mind.
It's depends on your post and photo quality for photo blogs.. if you just share one photo for credits then it'll not earn you any credits. share your opinion and views and travel experience. you will definitely some credits 😊 Be A Responsible Traveller..!!
upvoteUpvotemessageComment (2) that case you can mail to infotripoto.. they will definitely look into the matter
Absolutely and that is what I would like to know more. If someone can get in touch and guide me to modify couple of blogs so that I am going in right direction. Just an email saying - no points earned is disheartening, as to my knowledge I am adding some description and following the guidelines as
I just had a look at your photo blogs??? do you really expect points for those blogs??? uploading 1 or 2 photos or 4 photos with the same image won't work out dude. Work hard!!!
You can actually look at many other photo blogs in the site and learn... I got 45 credits for my first photo blog.
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Thank you, even I got 75 points for my photo blogs and those were also photos clicked with description and small content. need to understand more on rules and clarity.
Depends on the originality of the content, location, pics and number of views
It depends on what story the hoto tell its clarity and whole lot of thngs. even for my few post there were no credits given.
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Agreed but with my schedule, photo blogs is what I can do , which is uploading photos and writing some genuine content about them. Still no credit
It depends on the quality and genuine content
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Yes and both are taken care of in my post 😊