Hello Partha , I myself own an Enfield 350 and I happen to travel a lot on my motorcycle, before going for a extreme long I would advise you to first opt for small day trips to check your endurance, fuel is never a problem since you can carry extra Jerry can and fill your tank at tandi when going via Manali - Leh highway. Customize the Enfield so as to make it a robust cruising machine, opt for customized seats suitable for long journey . let me know if you need more information. regards Arnab
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Thanks Arnab. I went to Amritsar and Haridwar but that deos not count, I guess. Only thing is from your letter I know now that my Bullet 350 should work in the Manali-Leh highway also, as you have done it. Your's is bullet or classic?
No I personally prefer you to travel by public transport in summer season or by car/or shared cabs
I mean it depends, first of all fuel would be as issue, since there are no petrol stations on the way. And the ride in itself really won`t be a piece of cake, people usually go in groups.
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Hi Maninder, Thanks. We are planing it in a group. That why ask for the suggestion. Will ENF Bullet 350 of mine work? Or Classic will better? That's I'm asking.
Standard will also do just keep necessary precautions, if group make sure there is mechanic with you. enough fuel to do the full trip. Few of my friends have done it in Standard bullet. all depends on your riding comfort and expertise in handling all the good luck with your travel. from where you starting the trip.