Have the same issue.....hoping for an answer
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What's the point of telling stories through pictures if the pictures aren't clear enough?
Same issues, fully resolution not got when uploaded here.
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Tripito please look into it. It's a major problem faced by everyone.
The process the pics' quality down. My 15mb clicks look so grainy. Nothing much we can do
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Well, as long as you're uploading clicks of 300kb,its fine quality. Blog is just not about pic quality, also about the story you're telling. Check my articles to see what I mean
But what's the point of Photoblogs if the pictures aren't clear?
The clarity is comprised cos tripoto platform can't publish it in high quality, happens with everyone
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That just defies the whole logic behind photoblogs
Yes agree.. same issue.. uploading from website instead of app might help a bit
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Yes .It helped me a bit in my case. Not much change but still .
Does it help? have you tried it?
Yes everyone are facing it need to ask this issue with tripoto only
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See the Trip not the photoblogs. Trips having great quality pictures .
Ya I have the same problem apparently it will be uploaded in low quality if you find this answer helpful please leave an upvote to this reply. and you can follow us for more on food accommodation and budget plans
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Lol you just stated the same problem again, so how can it be helpful? xD