Hey Saurabh, The number of views doesn't affect your credits. You receive a mail after your post, which tells the number of credits you get for your recent post. Happy Blogging !!!
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That's great, but I never received credits for following someone.
I received the credits that's why I am asking. :D
You actually don't receive credits for following
I am already following you Amrita :D But i didn't receive any mail for my credits.
3 months. Pls follow me if you like my posts.
Hey Amritaparna, Thanks for your help. Since how long have you been using this app.
The precise and factual blog with great content g8ves u max points.
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Thanks Neha for your response.
Hey Saurabh, Every trip or photo blog or video blog shared from your you tube channel fetches you credits ranging between minimum as 50 and maximum as 100 ... Yesss, the number of views ... the number of likes for the trip and also the number of factual photos and details of your trip increases the credits you earn ... See through that all the details .. pictures ... tags ... and mainly the title of the blog goes well and perfect ... Happy Blogging and Happy Travelling Bro!!!
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Welcome ...
Okay Anil. I will check it out . thanks once again
Welvome .... yesss Bro ... you should have seen an attachment option on your blog ... you can share the link through that ... Happy Blogging!!
Thanks Anil for your great help. I will keep this in mind. But I have one more question from you. How to share you tube video means I have to share the link or something?
Hi Saurabh, posts receive points on quality of content. Here's all you need to know about earning Tripoto credits:
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Hi Rohit, I have already read that content of earning credits but I want to know is that when my views increases do my credit also increase?
Hey Saurabh, If you signed up on Tripoto with email id then you will get a mail everytime when your trip gets published and earns credit points. Apart from already mentioned things, give caption to each photo and tag the location to earn more credits. And yes no. of views of a blog increases the credit points but you donot get any mail for that.
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Your welcome Saurabh
Thanks Neeraj for your great help. I will keep that points in my mind.