Hi Sapan, hope you are doing great! Since, you are just 23 you have your entire life to plan and travel. Dont lose heart and in todays era you can do budget travels: Suggestions- 1. Travel in train/bus over flight to curtail expenses 2. Stay at oyo, homestays, camps, ashrams, hostels where applicable. 3. Moving around the place where you are going choose sharing transport. Hope this helps. If you liked my suggestions, please hit upvote. Thanks in advance :)
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Don't worry. I am happy you have started with tripoto. Maybe this small start will make you a good travell blogger and you get sponsored travels- lets hope for the best for you
Thanks radhika for suggestions. I really seek some employment in traveling so that I can earn money to fulfil my basic needs also my purpose to inspire world for traveling and add values,education to people I'll meet on my journey and spread some happiness and love
What help you needed?
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If telling specifically I would like to have employment in traveling industry such as I write very well and I would like to become travel writer but before that I have to travel to different places to write so that I can earn some money too to fulfill my family's basic needs as I also have responsibility towards my parents and also serve my purpose of life to inspire world to travel and add values,education to them and helps them to find them truly who they are and spread love and happiness in this big world.
All I can say is if you have low budget try to cover near by places or where there you have relatives, So place to stay doesn't affect on your travelling..
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You can limit your cost and budget by local transportation and staying at hostels. Explore places near you first then get the big ones. Wish you luck
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Hey sopan!! can relate to you 👍 don't worry you can easily travel if you have to zeal to. few tips for you - - start with traveling to nearby places -use public transport -stay in hostels , dharamshala's or rest house at bus stands (if possible then you can prefer night traveling so that expenses of stay are reduced) - reduce your monthly expenses , try to save some amount monthly for travel like don't go for movies outside sometimes avoid having meals outside
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Hello, First of all make a list of beautiful places u could explore which are nearer to ur place. opt for public transport You could search couchsurfing for home stays or oyo for rooms with best prices Make a itinerary to do things and mode of travel in advance so that u could cut short expenses depending on budget. Happy travel life buddy