October will be the perfect time for Rishikesh.. I don't have any contact number. but you should go with Red Chillis..
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Yes.. just log in their site ( ) and you will get every details.. I recommen this group because of their security and service..
Red chillies is any adventure group??
It's perfect the weather is good. rafting packages start from 800 rs for just rafting. you can stay in a camp too and the packages start from 1500 which includes food rafting and camping and mountain climbing as well as stay on the river side.
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Heyy thanks for the info.. can I get the details? and any contact no.?
Hey Pallabi, Well, october is the best to visit rishikesh for river rafting in Ganges... Here are few contact numbers whom you can contact directly and get the details and do your pre booking online well before your travel date.... 9897171422 (Prashanth) :- River Rafting Rishikesh company;- You can also book your stats in campus from one night to four nights where they do provide small treks also along side of Ganges.... 9212777223/24 ( Tour my India) .... They offer you a good package for the Rafting distance you opt to ... 9897996881 (Ganga Valley Adventure camps). ... They also offer many other adventure activities :- Zipline Activity (Shivpuri), Rafting 20 kms from Camp to NIM Beach with Body Surfing and Cliff Jumping during rafting only. Happy Rafting and Happy Travelling !!!
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Hi, October is a great time to plan a trip to Rishikesh and also a nice place for female solo travellers. The weather will be pleasant during night. Just do a proper research about the place (if visiting for the very first time) and stay a good/verified hotel/homestay/hostel. There are so many budget stays in Rishikesh just ment for solo travellers. Check stay here: Since it is an off season, who will find rafting and camp stay at low rates. Rafting distance starts from 9km, 16km and 24km. Choose the distance as per your strength. Following are some good Rafting operators in Rishikesh (choose the verified and experienced ones only) Red Chilli Adventure, Shivalik Adventure, Outbound Adventure, Dream Life Adventure, White World Expeditions.
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Its best time but you shouldn't go alone it will be boring and at present rafting is banned by tha high court of Uttarakhand and also rafting requires at least 4 members else there will be no fun.
Recently Rafting got banned by High Court of Uttarakhand and I think rafting season is in summers not in winters.
Brother u have chosen the perfect time... finding a rafting firm is so easy there... visit the laxman jhula and you will get your desired can also go for camping which includes the packages of staying,rafting,riverside explor, bunjee jumping (extra charges for this)......