Hi Alok! Here is a list of two wheeler rental shops in Hospet: 1. Veerupaksheshwara Motorcyle Rental 2. Wheelstreet These are the tentative rates, though you may want to check with the rental services yourself : Scooter : Rs 350 per day Motorbike : Rs 400 per day
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Can i get phone numbers of any of these bike rental shops??
You are a saviour! Thanks a lot. much appreciated.
Hi, I am a solo traveller and willl be there in hampi on 3rd Jan, anyone here to join me?
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Hello Alok, For your query the answer is YES but the service is pathetic. Though you get two wheeler there, you won't get regular bike or scooty, you get TVS 50, condition & service is below the line From hospete, Hampi is just 13 km, take a public transportation to reach Hampi The best way to explore Hampi is on Bicycle
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Yes there is a rental bikes available in Hampi please contact these numbers to book (7829277492, 9380756368) And also you can book through the website (
I need on 11th July around 7/30am.