I travel from Delhi to Amritsar in train and then came back in train. You can fly to Chandigarh and go to Amritsar from there.
As I belong to Amritsar, I will be in a better position to guide you. Book direct flight to Amritsar, although it will be a little costlier than direct flight to Chandigarh, but it will save a lot of time of you as Chandigarh is around 250 km from Amritsar and by train or bus at least 4 hours will be taken. So, go directly to Amritsar.
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But how do i manage the flights? As there is a layover at delhi and i have never taken connected flights
Chandigarh will be the most effective
If you have never been to Chandigarh, then try and spare a day or two for the beautiful city. If you can't and rather want to decide between Amritsar and Chandigarh, check the cheaper flight destination 😊