Hey Michelle It will be considered for the contest if you had used the corresponding hashtag, Good day and Cheers !!
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Hey Michelle, If you are talking about trip with Tripoto, then yes , there aren't any hashtags, but you strictly need to upload your post through the app, if you have done that, then yes, you will be automatically considered for the contest, if you are talking about montly contests, then you are supposed to add the corresponding hashtags and should tag tripoto at the end of your post. Good day :)
But I cannot see he corresponding hashtag ..I am talking about the trip with tripoto contest
Are you getting any points on that? if yes, then yes your blog is eligible.
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If you participated either by "Participate now" click or a "contest hashtag" then you are eligible. Good Luck!!!
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Good your every travels. also there is a 'participate contest 'Which you can advantage for earning Extra credits
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If you just posted your photoblog randomly, then you are not eligible, but if you have posted the sane under "Participate now" which is under "Contest", then you are already on the track.
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Did you add the hashtag of the contest. ??
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There is no hashtag mentioned...I saw the rules properly not long seems I have to enter via the 'participate now' link given in the contest page
For which contest you are aiming for?
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Yes.. I had to submit a new photo blog
Then you have to submit the photoblog through app
Trip with tripoto...