Hey, The thing is people would have clicked on your blog nd read about the place you have visited ... but when it came to check out your travel video, they would have not done that ... So the number of view on your blog has increased and not on your you tube video ... Hope I was right ... Happy Blogging and Happy Travelling!!!
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It's not possible that out of 5k people none of them would have opened. plus..none of it was a blog all were videos only
Same happen with lot of my friends too. don't know exact reason yet.
Some time people just check the tripoto trip on tripoto and not the link.
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Plus all are videos. none of it is a blog
It can't happen that out of 5k people not even 1 has opened the link
Yeah, all are facing this issue only
People don't necessarily open youtube link, they open the blog and don't go to youtube. So the numbers won't have any co relation.
Same issue brother...I think this is due to programing of youTube..views increase only when you see YouTube source may be..
I have faced same issue , got views on Tripoto but not on Yotube