The best way to travel for free (or cheap) is to hitchhike, Couchsurf, and use Workaway. With Couchsurfing you usually exchange culture and maybe cook or give a gift to your host. So it is not entirely without money. But the gifts is not expected. Workaway is a great way to travel because you volunteer in exchange for food and accommodation, so usually you stay for more than a week. It also feels better and not like you're free-loading. You can also look at Petsitting or Housesitting. Another option is to take a tent and walk/hitchhike/cycle. You can wild camp and will only need to pay for food which can be very cheap in Asia and Africa. I've done all of the options and honestly, even though you don't need money to travel, it makes it easier. Sometimes there won't be someone to host you, or give you food. Or sometimes you need a break from people. It is very stressful to rely on other people the whole time. I recommend working and saving a little bit of money (just enough for food) and then starting your trip. Look up Alistair Humphreys. He walked through Spain with no money! Good luck with your adventure!
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You can travel via hitchhiking and stay via couch surfing but I am not sure about free food.
Without money i dont think so it will be posible fr u to trvl.