Go for travel and tourism
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There are some in DU and IGNOU. you can search for it on their official websites with keywords 'travel courses'
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1. Do not give up on further studies. Because you cannot pack in the day job atleast 2-3 years at the start of your travel journey. 2. Learn the skills and be original, do not copy. 3. Seek to make a difference rather than doing it just because it seems like a fancy life. 4. Understand social media platforms. 5. Give yourself the chance to explore your real passion and strengths. And then only pursue the things that actually makes you happy. 6. And most importantly, just start travelling. Take a trip and just go with the flow. You learn the most with experience and you'll come back from a trip with tonnes of knowledge on how to travel better the next time and where does your heart really lie.
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Agree with first point. Writing similar answer for this.
As you are beginning to explore your new passion. You have to first give it some time to see if this is just a hobby or you can actually earn a livelihood out of it. I would recommend to keep studying the best subject/steam you think you can concur easily and can see yourself doing a job in that field for at least 2-3 years. Even if your passion is travelling and blogging, you can keep your degree as your earning option when you can't earn anything from blogging and keep figuring out the ways and tricks around vlogging. Later in life if you feel vlogging is actually earning you your livelyhood, you can stop doing other job and make vlogging your main thing. Keep in mind vloggin will have more ups and down earning wise than your job. so keep doing your vlogging with whatever you time you have apart from your studies and job. Having a good degree in normal streams is easy to get and college time will give you much more time to explore your vlogging and travelling passion.
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Just don't spend your money in having a degree from any University of college. Simply learn video editing stuff on softwares like premiere pro and after effects. Learn how to shoot with phones and camera And pick a action camera for that so that video stabilization should be at its peak. Like gopro, Dji osmo etc. Just don't waste your money on degrees. I did the same mistake but after all that with maintaining a job after engineering I've pursued my music stuff again with learning new and its good to be happy in less money also.
I don’t think there are courses for that, learn the art of creative writing and photography. that will give your vision more tangibility and weightage.
You can do your graduation in travel and tourism english literature digital marketing mass media production journalism
Many universities have some, and you can look for them on their official websites using the phrases travel courses. You need all the aid you can get as a college student. If there are devices that would make your life easier, you should most likely purchase them. So read this article that guides you about Best Samsung Laptops for College Students. And, most importantly, get out there and travel. Take a vacation and go with the flow.
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