The best way out is you rent a bike from your hometown so that you don't have to worry about returning the bike. have a deal with the bike owner according to the dates and days you will rent it.
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Hi, You can go for Valley of flower,Heamkund sahib,Auli and maana with in budget Rs 2000- RS3000. I have covered these recently as solo traveller. Pleasr see the plan as follow and may be it could help you to manage your trip it better. Day 1 : Take bus from Rishikesh for Govind ghat :RS 800 , and that buses cant stop on local dabha they always has stopage on Gurudwara for lunch or breaks.So no chargea for food however please dont miss to donate some amount or do seva on Gurudhwara.And stay night at Gurudwara Govind ghat Day 2 : Start journey early morning toward maana and kedarnath by sharing cabs charges RS 100-200. and stay night maana RS 500-1000. Day 3 Back to govind ghat and toward govind dham. its 5-6 hrs trek 10kms.And stay night at Gurudhwara Govind Dham. Day 4 Start early morning trek toward Hemkund or valley of flower and back by evening at Govind dham Gurudhwara sahib. Day 5 Start early morning trek toward valley of flower (you need to get entry pass worth 100 for valley of flower). Back to Govind dham. Day 6 Start early morning trek toward govind ghat and stay night there. Day 7 Early morning pick bus toward Rishikesh back 800 Thanks