Rishikesh is awesome. For a true blue spiritual vibe, check out Parmarth Niketan. It's an ashram right on the river with the famous Ganga Arati, yoga classes, and simple food. For a cool hippy vibe, and if you like your mountain views, check out cottages like Bhandari Swiss Cottage and Hill View Cottage. Or there are great hostels like Zostel too. It's also off season so you can probably get deals for half the rate. Enjoy!
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Sure thing buddy will check out this thanks
If you want to spend your bday alone then dharamshala wohld be the best place in because you have unexplored places yet less have discoverd
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Umm, dharmashala is in my wish list but rn I'm looking for the place near delhi around 200 to 300 km.
You can spend a great time solo in rishikesh it have many places to hide out or you can join conversation with lots of new people. visit waterfalls or sit next to Ganga and talk to yourself. even Beatle's Ashram is a great place where you can spend all day exploring that place.
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You can check out house stay it's very cheap and amazing place to stay
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Thanks for the advice dude
Hey, near to Delhi there are many places. For birthday celebration I will suggest Bir billing and can do the paragliding to make your bday awesome. You can visit my blog for itinerary
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Thanks for this, will check out this.
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Thanks dude will check out
Go to Parmarth Niketan Ashram.
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Thanks dude will check out the place
There are no. of places in Rishikesh. I would suggest Backpackers hostels or ashrams. And near rishikesh you can go to chopta or auli.
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Thanks so much. will check out the place❤️
You can always go for adventures in rishikesh, temples, waterfall treks like panta waterfall, neergarh waterfalls, sandhya arti, and riverside or jungle camping...ofcourse you can opt for yoga classes or even vipasana