Australia is too big to cover in a short time...its area is even bigger than india though quite a major part of western australia is desert.You can skip out on places like Hobart,Perth,Adelaide,Cairns.etc. if you are short of time. Cities to visit would be:- 1)Sydney 2)Melbourne 3)Gold Coast/Brisbane The must visit places are:- 1)Sydney-Opera House,Sydney Harbour Bridge,Bondi Beach,Darling Harbour Bridge,Blue Mountains tour from Sydney If you have time,you can also do a day trip from Sydney to Canberra to visit the capital 2)Melbourne-Iconic MCG,Day trip to Great Ocean drive from Melbourne ( dont miss this),Eureka skydeck,Day trip to Philipp Island 3)Gold coast-Springbook and Tamborine rainforest tour,Gold coast theme park.etc. To plan the trip:- 1)Check the flight rates on Skyscanner 2)Check the hotel prices on Trivago,MMT,,Expedia,,Agoda.etc. 3)check the sightseeing tours on,grayline tours, Let me know in case you require further information.
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Thankyou Animesh that’s pretty clear vision about the popular segments of Australia.
Most of the Australia is inhabited in the coastal area. beautiful country non the less. the best way to experience like a local is either get yourself accommodate through air bnb or couch surfing where you have the opportunity to stay with the local and share your experience in return you can get to know about their's .
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Thanks Arnab 😊
Cover Melbourne , Sydney & Gold coast . Plan 5 day at each city because there are number of day trips you can do from each of these places. Per head the budget for the above should be 125000-150000
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Thanks pratibha 😊
Hey prags, I appreciate your thrive to explore the country but sorry to say that exploring Australia at one go, in and out isn’t possible. I suggest you to explore it in like bits and parts, though it’s your own decision. A good exploratory trip of Australia would be around a month or so and the budget mostly depends on air fare when traveling to Australia, so book your tickets early. Try couchsurfing or volunteering for some task through work away to know the people.
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Thanks Yayavar. I know Australia is pretty big to explore on one go... 😄 just want to get the local essence whenever I visit it.
As a localite if you want to explore have to stay there for longer time as it is a huge continent.I have been to Melbourne for 15 days and spent my time there as a localite by exploring the weekend getaways of Melbourne and with in the Melbourne most of the stuff i visited
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Thanks Vandana 😊
Australia is not a small to cover in short period of time . But yes if you got time then you can tryout watchin tedx interviews for how they manage to get free accomodtion and money for food and other facilities
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