Monsoon is one of the best time to explore around Pune, for its lush green and lovely weather. Mulshi is a monsoon spot filled with water and views 44kms away Malshej ghat is 120km away where you can trek if not slippery Lavasa is a romantic spot that too with monsoon becomes an added advantage to the beauty which is 2Hours away from Pune Karnala is mesmerising during rainy days 122 kms away Thosegar falls in satara is an ideal monsoon spot 120kms away Tamhini ghat 70km away is a greenery spot Pavana is a picturesque meadow 58km away Suryamal is a popular trek spot which is popular for biking too. 268km away. Rainfall is heavy in this spot and roads are slippery. All the spots above are prone to heavy rainfalls, kindly do a weather check before planning.