I don't think so you can go solo for these redemption opportunities....but you can still confirm by dropping an email to
As long as you pay for the second person. They just care about the redemption part. You can go alone.
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Absolutely. You're better off traveling alone. Tbh even with proper redemption with 2 people, there isn't much of a discount. Which is why I have never used it even though I have ton of credits
Paying for the 2nd person, only makes it expensive...that way, don't u think even going solo without redeeming it would be cost efficient than paying for the second d person
You will get discounted price along with yoir partner price. so eventually it would be costly
Nope, you'll have to pay for both
I don't think you can, better check with tripoto directly, they might be able to make an exception for you.
Yes you can go solo but you will have to pay for the second person as well.. rather ask a friend to come along
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But y would a friend want to come along paying that cost when he could make it all by himself at a cheaper deal.
I don't think so.