By refering the link of your profile you can ask your friends to join this family. After joining tripoto you will get 5 points and if they publish trip then you will get 20 more points. By using thses points or credits you can redeem them later for any travel trips or will get a food deal at discount
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You can share it from your refferal code ...and you will get credit when your friends publish their first trip
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Click your dp on top left corner then you will see share sign after your name...hope this will help,
When my friend has to enter this code
I am not able to find my referral code..where can I check that
Send your reference to the person whom you want to refer later when they log in and post you will get your credits
You will get some referral points which you can redeem on trips once you have amassed sufficient points
Thanks for your responses guys
You can share your referral code