I have recently been to rajasthan with my family. we had started from kolkata and covered Jaipur, chittaurgarh, udaipur, mount Abu, Jaisalmer. it took us 9 days approximately in nearly 80k( for four), including the airfare. we went there in October which is the main reason it costed so low. the prices will vary depending upon the Time in which you are traveling. you will have to include ranthambore, bikaner, ajmer, jodhpur to complete all of rajasthan and it will take maximum 20 days and minimum 15 days I presume. the budget will however vary depending on the time in which you start. you can check budget hotels and homes in oyo. all the best.
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Rajasthan is a beautiful place full of history and stories. I visited the most popular places such as Jodhpur, Ajmer, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner , Jaipur and it was a trip for 21 days and costed me around a lakh to travel all over Rajasthan. The cost depends on how much luxury you want .
It will take almost 15-20days to complete the whole of Rajasthan. the budget depends on the time of visit. now is the best time to visit. we could complete more than half of it within 45k excluding air fare