In northeast, you can visit meghalaya. here u can visit shillong, cherrapunji, dawki, jowai, laitlum. These palces are hilly areas. They will bring you closer to the nature. second, you can consider travelling to sikkim. If you a snow lover, visit in the months between december to march. It gives us the opportunity. to enjoy the raw beauty of nature which is not disturbed by the development and technology. Third, u can travel to arunachal pradesh. there are a lot of moanastrys, one of which is golden pagoda. This moanastry is worth travelling. there is a big resort attached to the moanastry. you can go to Itanagar. Forthly , u can travel to nagaland. The dzokua velley is worth watching. U should go there at the time of hornbill festival. It takes place during december.