Hey Lisa! December is a great time to visit Argentina. In fact, it marks the peak season in the country. Forget about places being closed, worry about the crowds that you'll find. The BA Jazz festival, New Year's eve firecrackers and night parties make travellers from across the globe flock over to the place. Check the dates of these festivals before planning. It would also be great to book several months in advance since December is quite likely to be overbooked here. The weather is pleasant during this time, celebrations are on, and huge crowds are to be expected. Hence, major attractions being closed at this time is out of the question (some exceptions might be there though). Hope this helps!
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Thanks for your advice and tips Samarth! I appreciate it :)
December is a magnificent time to visit Argentina when spring transitions to the summer season. This is the best weather month to take advantage of beach resorts and outdoor activities in the Lakes District and Patagonia before the peak crowds arrive.