Your range is too big. You will have to narrow it down.
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Ohh yes got it. Gangtok is really good, i liked it the most :)
My question is the range? I know it is big.
Just a fun fact: Mall road means “married officers accommodation and living lines” road. Before the partition of Pakistan and India; British constructed accommodations for officers and other ranks opposite to each other separated by a road between them. Hence MALL road were constructed in different cities. You can add Lansdowne in your list as it has a proper Cantt area as well plus its nearby just like all the places you mentioned!
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My direction of question was this. Thanks
All are done. Probebly lansdowne is having a proper mall road which is not in your list.
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You have to get a permission to enter himachal pradesh and covid negative report, also have to book hotel in advance
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I am not travelling there now. I just want to know,how many are there and cheapest way to travel? I will put it into my bucket for future.
Popular mall roads are Masoorie, Shimla, Manali and dalhousie in will be difficult cover at one time
Add Dalhousie and Landsdowne.. But they are not open now.