If you are planning to visit Kartarpur to meet your friend on the other side of the border, then it's best to be honest and straightforward with the reason for your visit. It's understandable that the authorities may be suspicious, but providing a genuine reason for your visit can help to alleviate their concerns. You can state that your main purpose of the visit is to meet your friend who lives on the other side of the border and that you have no other intentions. You can also provide them with any relevant information that may help to support your reason for the visit, such as your friend's name, contact information, and any other necessary details. It's important to remain calm and honest while providing your reason for the visit. If you have any relevant documents, such as an invitation from your friend or any other supporting documents, it's best to have them on hand and present them when requested. This will help to establish the legitimacy of your visit and put the authorities at ease.
Thank you i got it. I was concerned they might deny my approval if I tell them that I want to visit kartarpur to meet them