Expenditure is something that truly depends on you. How you travel. For a backpacker having 50k to 60k expenditure is enough. Focus on traveling as much locations as you can. Also, Try and book hostel. Nowadays there good quality hostels available. Flights:depends on multiple factors like 1.Direct flights 2. Frequency Try and find flights with one hop. There are cheap flights from Thailand. Thailand have many low cost carriers. You and regularly search Websites such as Kayak, skyscanner, wego and more...They will compare rates and will give good deals. Lastly, If you want to travel cheap please avoid peak season. Hope this helps you... Happy travel :)
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If you are planning it properly only then otherwise you can find it later also. Choose hostels instead of hotels. This is reduce your expenditure for sure
Do i need to book my place to stay prior everytime i go to new place?
People are nice there,do not worry they always help.
You can read my blog wanderlust on tight budget, explore southeast Asia
Hi. I visited Thailand and North Vietnam. Planning the trip across SE asian countries are fairly similar. You can refer this for some info about how to spend money, transportation, food, etc.