Hey Priyanka, If you are second or third the credits from your account will not even get redeemed ... so don't worry ... If it has already got redeemed then you are eligible for the prize and you will get that ... Happy Travelling !!!
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Moreover you will also get a congratulations mail from Michael from Tripoto forum ... So no worries about redeemed trip ....
Hi Priyanka, The coupons are redeemed on first come first served basis, so if it says "The opportunity is available to the first person who claim it" it is only for one person and whoever redeems the coupon first will get it. You wont get it after that. You will have to wait for the coupon to be available again or you can try redeeming other opportunities.
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Your credits won't be redeemed if you are the second or third person to redeem it. So don't worry.