Yes it's technically possible, but it would be better if you have 2days in your hand..
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Yes you can do it;But you will have to maintain your speed.Because;it took 3 hours from Buntar to Barshaini by bus.Then from there to Kalga apprx 30 mints..Then from Kalga->Boonboni is 9-10km (apprx 7 Hours);Boonboni->Kheerganga is 5km(apprx3Hours).So total is approximately 14 hours.You can stay at kheerganga at night in camps.( Rs400 per person-always bargain).Then next day you can easily reach Bhuntar till evening..One tip from my side;carry a good quality torch with you.Or ANOTHER OPTION IS GO DIRECTLY TO KHEERGNAGA SKIP THE BOOBONI PART;because it is going to be tough but surely thrilling.
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