If ignoring stops the event then i think it is the right option.No one wants to fight going into vacation. But if it doesnot stop then fighting is the only option left.
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I respect your thought
Few years earlier i personally thought that fight is the only option for misbehave but now for me, it is the last option. If we can pardon someone,we can win the world. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. It is required to learn from each other for happy travelling.
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Fight- first verbally of course..
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It should be
Ignoring can't be an option since it's an act of misbehaving and there is no point at all. better handle it with reacting so that the other person learns a lesson.. Better Use words first, if that doesn't help and the person is ignorant then go for fight.
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Perfectly right.
Better first reach in safe zone and post that, reveal whatever the situation is to your fellow travellers. That will make everyone aware of this situation and you and other girls will be safe that moment onwards and if it continues, you can take legal action
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Useful point
Fight and complaint to authorities
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So,emergency numbers should be saved in contacts while travelling.
It's new place for travelers... fight can be option but for safety of girl and himself is not good... can react by showing angry look and angry words... that may make awre other people around u... so it can be helpful if the situation get worse atleast some people may take your side.
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Well said
Get local help. Do not make the mistake to give in your anger and stand up alone, situations could be sketchy. Try to solve things as calmly as possible.
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If you are outside your country, it's best to ignore or report the person. For example, in Thailand, you can get arrested for fighting (even if you didn't initiate it).
Obviously fight