First u must host , then u will get one active membership , then u have to update your profile with photo . then you have to verify your account after that only Ur profile get verified
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I have verified profile only man.
Hi Aniket, I don't think that India has evolved in terms of hitch hiking or couch surfing. You can try homestays or hostels.
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Yeah that is true but the fact of accepting only foreigners to host is what i don't understand.
No it's actually for any individual who wants to travel and it's sad to hear that people are rejecting it after initially accepting.
Always look for reviews before requesting for stays. Prefer to request the verified members. Also, you can leave a review if someone accepts your request and then rejects it later. It would be helpful for other travellers.
You're absolutely right. In India, most idiots think it is more trendy to host white people.