Best tram route is Belgachia to Esplanade route 1,which is on the north part of Kolkatta. If you want to explore food route 29 is the best tram route. Route no 36 is from Kidderpore to esplanade which gives you glimpses of Victoria memorial. Though best time to travel on a tram is not much known, I think you should enquire in the booth where you book tickets, or you can check with locals. By sitting on princep ghat you get to view the bridge, walking down the bridge lane parallel to the bridge, you can view. While from Monkey bar capacity street you view the lovely bridge. Best is taking a cruise ride or hire a ferry that as you near the bridge so you see it. Evenings are ideal to visit the colourful bridge where you can capture it as the sunsets.
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Princep ghat gives the view of some other sethu right not Howrah I guess
I personally love the one that goes from Esplanade to goes through maidan and the view is lovely! time- go for the afternoon and avoid peak office hours. but winter time is the best.. summer will be way too humid. or you can also try for early morning!
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Morning what time does this start? Any idea?
When is the best time to avoid traffic? Is it worthwhile to have an excellent view of the Howrah Bridge? What time of day is best for the visit?