At home at saket.don't want to go anywhere after lockdown also till this covid is over.
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I am also stuck at home, was planning for Bali this year too, but i don't think that's happening anytime soon. Once its removed, I'll be checking in at either Kedarnath or Badrinath
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I guess I know you from college, small world ha... cheers!
Good luck👍 Uttrakhand is my hometown so I probably will go there too. bali is just cancelled for another year, it seems.
Not kinda stucked cause I am at home in J&K using 2g services .Once lockdown is over , to detox my soul needs some friends ,bike and a road that's all I need.
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Need of an hour, I guess
Stuck in tamil nadu at least after this I want to move in my home town 😞
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We're happily stuck in Goa. Actually here since november!
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Amazing. I was in goa in October last year. if everything goes fine planning to visit goa again this year. hoping again. 🤞
Let's hope for the best
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I had the same plan this year in june but now everything is just messed up. let's hope for the best.
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Stuck in Kuala Lumpur. Planning to explore offbeat places in Malaysia when lockdown is over and the situation is in control
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Although, I can't complain and should highly refrain from the word "stuck", but I am in Himachal right now. I had plans of going to Canada, Bali and so many more pretty places. :)
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Stucked in Ahmedabad. want to travel north india
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I am at home ( North Bengal)😌.. but soon our institute will be calling us back to Delhi😭.. want to visit Bangalore before that returning back to Delhi.. fingers crossed..
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Bali sounds great! we hope Indonesia reopens soon...but doesn't look like it's gonna happen...
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Yeah.. *fingers crossed* 😣