Now it is a rainy season, and 90% are the chances that you can't roam around ghats as most of them get submerged in river. So if you want to see Varanasi in different perspective, yes, you can go, even I am thinking a lot to go there but unfortunately can't go this year due to other plans. Ganga Aarti won't stop. If ghats are submerged than they do on the terrace of buildings there. Again repeating, Ganga aarti will always happen, no matter what happen...
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Varanasi has its charms in all seasons. You can go and visit the ghats, but they would be flooded with water so you have to be very careful about your footsteps. As far as Aarti is concerned, that never ever stops. so you can easily listen to the Aarti and enjoy the rituals. You must visit the Sarnath and the Benaras University. Hanuman temple is also a tick off in the bucket list. Enjoy your travels to Varanasi and enjoy the rituals. Safe Travels.
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Hello pls go through my blog for Varanasi, evening arti is at 6:30 and morning at 6:00