It usually is but based on the current weather conditions in J&K it wouldn't be advisable as it's mostly off roading and off roading for so long in rain is not an experience that everyone's up for.
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Thank you for the update
Spiti can be visited all around the year if you are ready to accept the weather and road challenges and may be rain too. All you need to carry is love for travelling and exploring in any way :)
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That's true! I have been to ladakh in july as well and been through with many bad roads and weather. All i need is second opinion before visit any plan to make sure that the weather and road conditions are not worse, because it might take 2 3 days extra and that will cost someone's work.
No way .. else you will stuck
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If you ready to take challenge of nature than offcouse but my suggestions avoid in moonson
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Thanks ridhima.. Will plan for Winters then..
I don't consider it as a good idea because, this is the monsoon months when monsoon is in full swing in Kinnaur and it is better to avoid this time as the area is prone to landslides. However, Spiti valley itself remains fine at this time.