Yes it's possible if can manage walk of around 20km for Kedarnath & another 18KM from Gongatri to Gomukh. But hold on, Char Dham is not open for tourists yet. Uttarakhand Govt withdrawn it's case from Supreme Court yesterday and appearing at High court on 16th Sep to lift the Ban. So probably we will get some clear on 16th. Regarding your question whether it possible in one trip? Yes it is with little rest and utmost precautions for the kid. Can be done in one trip. People doing all Char Dham in one trip so it's fine. Hope above information will help you in your planning for next Char Dham Road Trip. Happy Traveling :) See You on the Road...๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
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Sure can check this google map given phase wise route for char dham road trips NOTE- Please read the map descriptions for trek routes.
Can u just guide me the route
Uttrakhand charon dham can be possible in one stretch.It takes around 10-15days for all places to cover.It's a good spirit to go will enjoy the trek.As of now this yatra is not opened for the tourists so wait for some more months. Summer months are good for that
Yes that's possible. but considering the extreme climate, it's better not to take the baby with you since the immune system of baby is still not developed like ours. The baby may fall sick. Please take utmost precautions and go.