As per current situation it's better no to travel Singapore due to many reasons, I work for an online travel agency and can see that there are many asian countries which are already affected by this virus also many airlines are cancelling their flights to asian aerospace. so you can be in trouble when you get notified about any change or cancellation of flights in last moments.
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Its better to avoid Europe as well considering the situation in Italy and easy movement from one country to another within eurozone. I know Asia bears the brunt of every bad news but its better to avoid any continent except Antarctica as of now
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You can travel but you to take more precoation carry hand sanitizer mask
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No! not at all ... stay indoor
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Avoid the trip..precaution is always better and if you go also the terror of corono ll be in your mind which can restrict you to enjoy the trip..
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The situation has been contained in Singapore, however take due precautions like manage good hygiene, wear a mask, carry a sanitizer and just be safe.