Hello, I am just back from Kashmir last night, having visited Srinagar, Gulmarg and Sonmarg. From my experience I can tell you that July will be one of THE BEST months to visit Kashmir, much better than visiting in March/April. Let me explain the reason behind me saying this: March/April are the months when winters are receding in the mountains, however still there are many episodes of rainfall, sleet and even snow fall, making the climate little hostile for sightseeing and enjoying activities. Consider March/April are mid months between winters and summers in the mountains - you could neither fully enjoy snow nor tye golden sunshine. Starting June till August are the 'summer' months, when you will find pretty green meadows and lovely sunshine all over the valley. This is the perfect season to visit Apple orchards too which will be on full bloom during that time. Effect of monsoons is pretty much negated by the high mountains and hence the region doesn't get much rains during July/August. (P.s - brace yourself to find lot of crowd too in those months)
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I agree July, August it's a good season
Yeah if you want to see green trails... very slim chances of rainfall..
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The peak season is from March to October. So yes you can visit @July witness the lesser rainfall and get good deals in flight and hotels.
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Actually Summer is the perfect to visit Kashmir. The peak season is from March to June. Kashmir is a all year round destination. So you can travel to Kashmir on July.
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Rain check?
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