You can get a shared taxi or sumo from Shillong to Sohra. If you want to visit the waterfalls near Sohra, you have to trek for most of the waterfalls. For your itinerary I would suggest: Day 1 - Shillong sightseeing (Police bazaar, Laitlum Grand Canyon 23kms from Police Bazaar, Elephant falls) Day 2 - Sohra (For trekking visit Wei Sawdong, Lai Pateng falls, Nohkalikai falls) On the way to Wei Sawdong falls, you'll get Dainthlen falls also. Day 3 - Sohra to Dawki, but ai would suggest you to visit Shnongpdeng village which will give you solitude and also the feel of Dawki area. Experience Riverside camping, cliff jumping, boating etc etc at a cheaper rate than Dawki. Note - *** Sohra is very beautiful places with hidden falls, explore it thoroughly if you wish. And The journey from Sohra to Dawki via Pomshuti a/Pynursla is a mesmerizing experience. Good luck, Safe Journey and be always happy 😊 Regards #ShuntingHouse
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Thanks very much