Hi Ankit, You can go to Moscow first where you can visit :St Basil's Cathedral, Tretyakov Gallery Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and Kremlin which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and a main focus of Russia's political and historical heritage. Then you can take a Overnight Train from Moscow to Veliky Novgorod where you can see St Sophia's Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in Russia. Then you can move to St.Petersburg which is known as the'Venice of the north' because of its rivers and canals which are fascinating and easy to explore by boat.There are many sights to see like the Winter Palace, the famous Church of the Spilt Blood and the Hermitage museums. If you need any assistance with package or Itinerary, I can provide you the same.!!
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Yes first you add Melbourne then Sydney and then Canberra if you want go to Brisbane as well. note your inbound and outbound of the airport two different places. then cost can be reduced and you can enjoy more. i am a travel consultant so can dm me too
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Shaheem: Did you even read the question?
I think these city's belongs to Australia brother!!
Hii, August is the peak season to visit Mosvow.. the minimum temp is expected to be around 12 deg. As this is a peak period, I prefer you book everything in advance as accommodations etc may not be available later on and the prices will be higher during the month of August..
St Petersburg for sure.Do check out YouTube videos of Indian will get a fair idea