Yes in road travelling by own car is very less as almost 5 members can distribute the trip cost and also the great time with all. But should be safe journey.
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This is a bit tricky question as it can look like less expensive at times but it completely depends on Soo many factors like.1 The number of people traveling. 2 Do u own ur own vehicle or is a rented vehicle.3 what is the condition of vehicle and u'll be taking a driver with u or not and many more
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Yes definitely travelling with friends in group would be less expensive and more fun
Obviously less expensive than normal,as in this you share your food and accommodation costing and if you are in group definetly you explore and more along with lots of fun.
Ah! brother travelling with friends is best journey which you will always remember and will glad to share tales with others Travelling with fellas cost less as compared to solo trip, as the expenses are divide equally. Trip with friends will reduce your budget and you will able to enjoy more . As in group budget will be large so you will easily able to get discount on various places in food, hotels, trekking events and many more During your journey you will not feel alone at any spot, you have them to talk, share your experience about place etc. So feel free to go with you friends or group of people, you will definitely enjoy