Yes. Recently I went to Goa ad you will get many cheap homestays over there. I would suggest plan to go there after the election. As most of the pubs and restaurants are getting closed by 10 am. So it will be very disappointing from a tourist's point of view. Even if you are planning to explore Goa on bike then you must rent it for a week. It will definitely lower your cost. If you love solitude in your life then try not to stay near the beaches. Goa is a place where people will not judge you on the basis of petty things. You can definitely enjoy the beaches as per your terms. If you are planning to travel during May it will be very hot. Monsoons will not be so favorable for tourist purpose. But I heard people enjoy rains as well in Goa.
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Yes there are many, but do not go now. There is alot of issues going on with the election. So go after May 30.
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You can check out AirBnB as per your dates of stay. Will surely find a fair deal.
Thr r n number of home stays in Goa....u can check on Airbnb